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What is a Mixed League?

Mixed League teams are USTA teams made up of both male and female players with various rankings. There are three doubles matches per tie. The ranking of the two players (one male, one female) for each doubles team must not add up to higher than the team ranking. For example, a 6.0 team could play a 3.0 and a 2.5 player, whose total combined rank is 5.5. Mixed league match outcomes do not affect your USTA ranking. It's a fun way to meet new people and a chance to team up with players with potentially very different game styles.

Do you have an FAQ about being on a USTA Team?
GLTF has a webpage dedicated to general league info and what to expect when you join a team. We answer many questions including how many matches you can expect to have, how often and where you might play, how much it all costs, scheduling, etc.

When do we play?
Please refer to the USTA Team FAQ's for the season schedule.

When will ties be scheduled for the season?
Teams have to be registered about a month prior to the season.  Once that happens, USTA and your captains will work on figuring out the schedule for the entire season as quickly as possible. You should know the official schedule of dates, times, and locations around 2 weeks prior to the season.

How do I sign up?
Follow the 3 easy steps under the 'How to Join Our Teams' here.

Mixed League Teams
Women's Teams Men's Teams
If you would like to play on one of our women's teams or need help deciding which team is right for you, send an email to our Women's Director.

Proposed Teams
SF Women's 6.5 A
SF Women's 7.5 A
East Bay Women's 6.5 B
East Bay Women's 6.5 C

If you would like to play on one of our men's teams or need help deciding which team is right for you, send an email to our USTA Coordinator

Men's Beginner Development Team*
SF Men's 5.5 A
SF Men's 6.5 A
SF Men's 6.5 B
SF Men's 7.5 A
SF Men's 7.5 B
SF Men's 9.5 A

* not an official USTA team
Transgendered players are encouraged to play on whichever gender team they most identify.

Letters do not have any meaning beyond telling teams apart.
Other Resources:
Visit the USTA site to learn more about Mixed League.
For questions, contact our USTA Coordinator.

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