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What are the new 40+ and 55+ leagues?

USTA has adopted some new leagues to inspire those players over 40 years old and 55 years old.  For each age bracket, there is an Adult season and a Mixed doubles season.

Do you have an FAQ about being on a USTA Team?
GLTF has a webpage dedicated to general league info and what to expect when you join a team. We answer many questions including how many matches you can expect to have, how often and where you might play, how much it all costs, scheduling, etc.

When do we practice and play?

The schedule varies depending on the age bracket.  Your team captain will communicate with you about scheduling practice and keeping your availability current.

What if I am turning 40 or 55 this year?

You are eligible to play for a team in the year in which you turn 40 or 55.  For example, if you turn 40 in December, you are still eligible to play in the Adult 40+ league in January.

Schedules for the Season?
  • Teams registration for each playing season starts about 8 weeks before the season play starts.  
  • After team registration has occurred, players can sign up for specific teams on the USTA site.  
  • USTA publishes the schedules a few weeks after closing the team registration.
  • The captain secures specific dates for team matches and asks teammates to update their availability.
  • Your captain will explain how the scheduling is done for your team.

How do I sign up?
Follow the 3 easy steps under the 'How to Join Our Teams' here.

Other Resources:
Visit the USTA site to learn more.
For questions, contact the GLTF USTA Coordinator.

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